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The Crème de Cacao (Chocolate Bean?) of the Knight's Arsenal. These guys may not be the burliest of men, but they know how to make killing look good.

The Archer

Also known as: Bowman (mostly in the game's files)

General Info
Introduced in Beta 2.0
Health: 100
Armor: 80
Speed: 210
Damage required for special: 165


Archers are pretty much the opposite of Heavy Knights, as the Masters of Range.

With two different bows (as if one is not enough) enemies need not be close for you to kill them. Archers are exceptionally weak and usually avoid melee fights, but if they are forced, they have their infamous butter-knife to fall back on.

Voiced by: Joseph "Bingo Bango" Bracken







Short, but quick. It's useful when you are forced to cross swords, but there's a reason it's often called the "Butter-knife" and used for humiliating purposes. Its damage is identical to the Skirmisher's cutlass, but it charges slower.

Very powerful and accurate. Right-click to aim. When aiming, the Crossbow is more accurate and deals more damage, but your walking speed is reduced. Headshots are even more devastating. A successful hit pushes back your enemy and can hurt them even if they have a shield. You have to reload after every shot, which will leave you unprotected for three seconds.

Quick, powerful and deadly in skilled hands. Be aware of the arc and time it takes arrows to travel. It cannot be charged while in mid-air, and will slow you down slightly while charging.


56 (charged), 42 (not charged)

Damage (unaimed)

73 (far), 45 (close)

Damage (far)


Forward/Side Interval


Damage (aimed)

97 (far), 60 (close)

Damage (close)

47 (charged), 15 (not charged)



Headshot Damage (unaimed)

110 (far), 70 (close)


Forward Interval


Headshot Damage (aimed)

145 (far), 90 (close)


Special attack: Triple Shot

It only works with the player holding the the Longbow

When your special meter is filled, press the special button to fire three flaming arrows at once to pierce right through enemies and their shields. Each arrow deals 120 damage, but only one of the arrows can hit a specific enemy, therefore it's suggested to use the special against crowded players.


Pvk2 archer play.jpg "Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Archer."
"I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!"
Pvk2 archer sword dmg 100k.jpg "Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using the shortsword." the Greasy Bandit
"Robin Hood"
Pvk2 archer kill 100ft.jpg "Kill an enemy with the crossbow or longbow from 100ft." the Precise
"Phluck You!"
Pvk2 archer ssbowkills 75x.png "Kill 75 Sharpshooters using your longbow." the Technophobe
Pvk2 archer butterknife kill.jpg "Kill 25 enemies using the short sword."
"Clay Pigeon"
Clay Pidgeon.png "Kill 20 enemies while they are in mid-air using either your longbow or crossbow." the Bane of Pigeons
"Cornish Game Hen"
Pvk2 archer bowkill parrot 15x.jpg "Hunt down 15 enemy parrots with the longbow." the Parrot Connoisseur
Pvk2 archer hit consecutive arrows 15x.png "Land 15 consecutive arrows." the Determined
Pvk2 archer bowkills three 10seconds.jpg "Kill 3 enemies with the Longbow within 10 seconds." the Instinctive Nocker
"It's Like Weakness Water Three!"
Pvk2 archer kill special 2x.jpg "Kill 2 enemies with a single longbow special."
"War, War Never Changes"
Pvk2 archer dominate sharpshooter.png "Dominate an enemy Sharpshooter." the Vault Dweller


  • It's possible to kill an Archer with full health by using only the keg or the Captain's special, and possibly the Sharpshooter's special. By targeting his feet with an explosive, the Archer is thrown up in the air, and the fall damage finishing off the remaining health.
  • The Archer and Sharpshooter are the only characters to not draw their primary weapon (the short-sword and dagger, respectively) on respawn. Instead he draws the longbow, which holds the third weapon slot.
  • The taunt "Thanks for standing still, you bastard" is a reference to the Sniper from Valve's video game Team Fortress 2.


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