Obtaining Bondi Achievements

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Pvk2 bondi play.jpg Bondi

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Bondi

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: Start out as a Bondi, and stay that way for five minutes, no matter how much your team might need a Berserker or Huscarl to take care of business.

Pvk2 bondi seax dmg 100k.jpg Any Way You Slice It

Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using the seax

Difficulty: Easy

How To: If you just want the damage, go out and get it, but only damage dealt to health counts. If you want to avoid dying in the process, soften your targets up with a few arrows first.

Pvk2 bondi objective points 1000x.jpg Got Something To Prove Kid?

Amass 1000 objective points as a Bondi

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Kill anybody who gets their hands on one of your chests, and be sure to pick that chest up and get it back to your base for a couple more points. Play plenty of Trinket Wars. Relentlessly attack enemy territories.

Pvk2 bondi assists 100x.jpg Green Team

Assist 100 kills as Bondi

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Stick with teammates and get into fights, when a teammate is about to secure the killing blow, flick an uncharged arrow at the enemy (or kick them if you're in close range) to secure the assist. Other than that, just shoot people normally and you'll get it without trying.

Pvk2 bondi kill 100ft.jpg Long Distance Relationship

Kill an enemy with the atlatl or flatbow from 100 ft

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Either aim for long-range Atlatl finishers, or long-range speed-shooting. Enemies that are About To be Pushing Up The Daises are best for this, although two special arrows should finish off anybody who was Bleeding Profusely.

Pvk2 bondi pickup projectiles 50x.jpg You Wood

As a Bondi, collect 50 missed darts/arrows from the environment (not pickups)

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Shoot at your feet for about a minute.

Pvk2 bondi seax kills 25x.jpg The Gutting

Kill 25 enemies using the seax

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Instead of finishing enemies off with your bow, use your seax.

Pvk2 bondi flatbow kill parrot 20x.jpg We're Having Parrot Tonight

Hunt down 20 enemy parrots with the flatbow

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Instead of killing parrots with your seax, use your bow. Parrots like to sway from side to side, try shooting them as they hover in place between strafes.

Pvk2 bondi air kills.jpg Raised By Wolves

Kill 20 enemies while they are in mid-air using either your flatbow or atlatl

Difficulty: Easy

How to: People like to jump in an attempt to avoid being shot. Simply wait for the jump, snap your sights on them, and shoot.

Pvk2 bondi special kills 10x.jpg Reinventing Archery

Kill 10 enemies with the Rapid Fire special

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Instead of finishing enemies off with your seax, use your special.

Pvk2 bondi atlatl duck headshot kills 5x.jpg Lay Low Aim High

Kill 5 enemies with atlatl headshot while crouched and not moving

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Instead of finishing enemies off in any sensible manner whatsoever, use your Atlatl to score headshots while crouching still. Consider getting a height advantage over your targets to offset the crouching requirement.

Pvk2 bondi flatbowkills three 10seconds.jpg Hunting Season

Kill 3 enemies with the flatbow within 10 seconds

Difficulty: Hard

How to: Your bow shoots once every 1.5 seconds, so as long as you've got three enemies with less than 55 health each, it should be easy. Fact of the matter is that's not very likely to happen. Shoot at pairs of Knights and Pirates. If you kill one, try to finish off the other quickly. If another enemy shows up, take them down with the special to finish the job.

Pvk2 bondi special kills in single life 3x.jpg Beast Mode

Kill 3 enemies with the Rapid Fire special in one life

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Avoid taking risks. Sit back, let your teammates take the enemy aggression and deal out damage, while you charge your special and use it on weakened targets.

Pvk2 bondi special kills in low health 2x.jpg Hiding In The Daisies

Kill 2 enemies in a row using the Rapid Fire special while pushing up daisies

Difficulty: Hard

How to: Play plenty of Last Team Standing and you'll find yourself getting this one eventually.

Alternatively, get a special, repeatedly take fall damage until you're dying, then very, very carefully seek out two hapless targets.

Pvk2 bondi dominate rangers.jpg Bondi, Janus Bondi

Dominate an Archer or a Sharpshooter

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Play Booty maps so you can take advantage of your target's predictable spawn location, or Trinket Wars so you can take advantage of the myriad distractions presented to them. Or simply find somebody much worse than you to pick on.

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