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Young, but far from inexperienced, Bondi carries a bow to hunt for food (very sensible) and to shoot enemies (also very sensible).



General Info
Introduced in Beta
Health: 110
Armor: 90
Speed: 210
Damage required for special: 210


A diligent young fellow who had his whole life ahead of him, until it all went up in flames. Now that he's left the fields of grain for the fields of battle, his unremarkable vitality belies the sharp mind he used to hunt in the Scandinavian wilderness. He puts his hunting skills to use by shooting at anybody foolish enough to stay at range, and his seax to gut anybody foolish enough to wander too near.

Voiced by: Hankshaw


Seax Atlatl Flatbow
Bondiseax.png Atlatl.png Flatbow.png
No Viking is complete without his trusty knife, and in the hands of the Bondi it serves as a lethal close-range weapon. The engraved runes remind him of his past, and inspire ferocity when cornered. The ultimate (or should that be primordial?) javelin-throwing equipment. Able to launch massive darts huge distances from even a standing position, and with enough stopping power to make your enemies just as still, if not stiller. This beautifully decorated elm flatbow may not match a yew longbow in range or power, but it's the Bondi's record-setting shooting speed his targets ought to fear. Use your special to unleash a storm of arrows!
Forward Damage: 61 (charged), 50 (not charged) Bodyshot Damage: 85 Damage: 53
Left/Right damage: 54 (charged), 45 (not charged) Headshot Damage: 127.5 Charge Time: 0.8s
Backwards damage: 45 (charged), 40 (not charged) Charge Time: 0.35s Reload Time: 0.5s
Reload Time: 1.5s Special Attack: Speed fire 5 arrows in quick succession.
Special attack: Speed Shooting
Only activates when holding Flatbow
When your special bar is filled, press the special button to unleash a fury of 5 arrows in quick succession.


Pvk2 bondi play.jpg "Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Bondi"
"Any Way You Slice It"
Pvk2 bondi seax dmg 100k.jpg "Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using the seax" The True
"Got Something To Prove Kid?"
Pvk2 bondi objective points 1000x.jpg "Amass 1000 objective points as a Bondi" The New Kid
"Green Team"
Pvk2 bondi assists 100x.jpg "Assist 100 kills as Bondi" The Viking
"Long Distance Relationship"
Pvk2 bondi kill 100ft.jpg "Kill an enemy with the atlatl or flatbow from 100 ft" The Life Coach
"You Wood"
Pvk2 bondi pickup projectiles 50x.jpg "As a Bondi, collect 50 missed darts/arrows from the environment (not pickups)" The Gatherer
"The Gutting"
Pvk2 bondi seax kills 25x.jpg "Kill 25 enemies using the seax" The Field Dresser
"We're Having Parrot Tonight"
Pvk2 bondi flatbow kill parrot 20x.jpg "Hunt down 20 enemy parrots with the flatbow" The Bird Man
"Raised By Wolves"
Pvk2 bondi air kills.jpg "Kill 20 enemies while they are in mid-air using either your flatbow or atlatl" The Jungle Club
"Reinventing Archery"
Pvk2 bondi special kills 10x.jpg "Kill 10 enemies with the Rapid Fire special" The Andersen
"Lay Low Aim High"
Pvk2 bondi atlatl duck headshot kills 5x.jpg "Kill 5 enemies with atlatl headshot while crouched and not moving" The Squatter
"Hunting Season"
Pvk2 bondi flatbowkills three 10seconds.jpg "Kill 3 enemies with the flatbow within 10 seconds" The Predator
"Beast Mode"
Pvk2 bondi special kills in single life 3x.jpg "Kill 3 enemies with the Rapid Fire special in one life" The Beast Killer
"Hiding In The Daisies"
Pvk2 bondi special kills in low health 2x.jpg "Kill 2 enemies in a row using the Rapid Fire special while pushing up daisies" The Botanist
"Bondi, Janus Bondi"
Pvk2 bondi dominate rangers.jpg "Dominate an Archer or a Sharpshooter" The Hunter


  • During the vast majority of the development of Bondi, the class used pitched down voice lines from the Archer as placeholders, much like how it wore the longbow and the shortsword early in development. The PVKII Team ended up creating an inside joke in which they claimed that Bondi was the ancestor of the Archer. No final voice line provided by Hankshaw references the inside joke, however.
  • The development team placed several easter eggs regarding Bondi in order to tease the fans, most notably in the 2016 trailer "Mundo Caníbal", in which Bondi can be briefly seen at around 2:05.<ref></ref>
  • Bondi's forward seax swing is animated like a backstab, similar to that of the Spy from Team Fortress 2, however while it looks unique from a visual standpoint, it doesn't provide bonus damage when stabbing a player in the back.
  • Bondi's release is a milestone in the mod's history, for it's the very first class released made entirely from scratch since, unlike the first nine classes, Bondi has no counterpert in the original Pirates, Vikings and Knights mod.


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