Obtaining Heavy Knight Achievements

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Pvk2 heavyk play.jpg Heavy Knight

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Heavy Knight.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: Armour up and endure through five long, slow minutes without switching to something faster, and with a ranged attack.

Pvk2 heavyk twosword dmg 1mil.jpgPvk2 heavyk kill counter 100x.png Crusader & Pris De Fer

Amass 1,000,000 points of damage against your enemies using the two-handed sword. Kill 100 enemies using your two-handed sword's parry counter-attacks.

Difficulty: Very Easy, Intermediate

How To: Crusader needs no instruction. High health and damage lend themselves handily to achieving it even without playing Heavy Knight religiously (ha ha). Only damage dealt to health counts, though.

The difficulty of parrying your opponent fluctuates between a sure thing against a newbie and virtually impossible against a veteran.

Step one is to pressure your opponent into using uncharged attacks, since while they are immediately safer, fully-charged attacks will always lose out in the long run against uncharged attacks and being dodged.

Never let your opponent hit you for free. With their lower damage and your higher health, they will be forced to use uncharged attacks here-and-there to make up the difference in time; this is when you can strike. Two-handed sword counter-attacks deal disgustingly high damage, if you're not so shocked at actually parrying somebody that you flinch and swing at nothing.

Shaprshooters trying to fend you off with their daggers are in for a painful surprise when it becomes apparent that smaller weapons no longer break the blocks of larger weapons, and they inevitably give you a free parry.

Pvk2 heavyk assist archer 250x.png Blitzkrieg

Gain 250 assists in which the killer is an Archer.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: Your Archer teammate has the difficult job here, shooting down a spastic opponent with an arcing projectile and trying not to hit you instead. All that's required of you is to kick the target when they're Bleeding Profusely until the Archer lands the kill-shot. Avoid using the two-handed sword on weak targets, it will likely secure the kill for you instead.

Pvk2 heavyk kill shortsword.jpgPvk2 heavyk block ranged 10k.png Pinned Down & Block N' Poke

As Heavy Knight, Kill 25 enemies using the sword and shield. Block 10,000 ranged damage with your shield.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: people think the sword and shield are weak, but this is only true slash-for-slash; overall, they're about equal. It's even a better choice against Skirmishers, so they can't quickly charge their special while you're still on your first swing and run you through on your second. It takes a little longer to kill people this way, as well as a little more effort, but you'll take less damage in return (probably) so it balances out.

Against ranged opponents, there's no reliable way for you to catch them if they really want to stay away, but they can't get through your shield if you split their DPS between tanking it directly, stalling for time with cover, and resupplying with incidental armour pick-ups. Never give them what they want by charging at them, heedless of your inevitable demise. It only encourages them.

Pvk2 heavyk kill debuffed by single maaspecial 4x.pngPvk2 heavyk kill special 3x.jpgPvk2 heavyk twosword 2kills swing.jpg Coup De Grâce, Get To The Choppa, and Only Got One Stone

Kill 4 enemies affected by a single Man-at-Arms special.

Kill 3 enemies with a single twirling two-handed sword special.

Kill 2 enemies with a single swing of the two-handed sword.

Difficulty: Impossible, Intermediate, Very Easy

How To: Killing two people with one longsword swing is simple enough to engineer, but also common enough to seize when an opportunity occurs randomly. Killing multiple people with a special is best attempted in the middle of big fights. The gamemode is irrelevant, the player count is everything. Killing four people affected by a Man-at-Arms special is most handily accomplished with the same techniques as the other two achievements combined, that is, hoping that the stars align and that you're in the right place when they do.

Pvk2 heavyk 3sskills 1life.png Mad Jack Churchill

Kill 3 sharpshooters in a single life with your two-handed sword.

Difficulty: Very Hard

How to: Not only must you slay three enemies who will be doing their damnedest to stay away from you with the weapon that lets them through rather than holds them off, you must do so without dying. Best attempted on a map with predictable spawn locations that lets you flank them, such as Sandstorm, or ambush them, such as Island. Sneak up on them as best you can with your Heavy Footsteps, and use your special to kill them before they realize they can roll away after the first strike.

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