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The Heavy Knight

General Info
Introduced in Beta 1.0
Health: 125
Armor: 215
Speed: 190
Damage required for special: 260

Like a medieval version of a tank, these elite troops are capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of damage and can dish out almost the same.


The Masters of Melee. As the name implies, these Knights are Heavy and that guarantees they won't be easy to kill in a melee fight. Although Heavy Knights are the slowest warriors in the game, they can withstand the most damage because of their finely-crafted armor and above-average health.

With their long Two-Handed Sword, they can cause the most immense amounts of damage. While they dominate in melee, Heavy Knights possess no ranged weapons, but can those ranged weapons pierce their almighty shields? We think not.

Voiced by: Bryn 'TheForgotton' Schurman



Two-handed Sword

Sword and Shield Combo

GreatswordNew.png SwordShieldNew.png

Heavy Knight's main weapon, and the strongest one around. It's very long, so those itty-bitty enemies will have a hard time getting past it. It has some drawbacks though, such as its slow swing and charge speeds.

Not often used for fighting due to the low damage and range; it swings and charges at a respectable speed. You can bash and counter attack, which can be effective if you practice, but the main purpose of this weapon is to block kegs and ranged weapons. If you are dying, you can always take your shield out and hope help arrives, or bash people with it for fun.


107 (charged), 79 (not charged)


52 (charged), 40 (not charged)

Forward/Side Interval


Shield Bash

10 (charged), 5 (not charged)




Special Damage



Special attack: Blade Spin

It only works with the player holding the two-handed sword

When your special meter is full, press the special button to spin 360°. Watch out though, anyone not caught in the spin will clobber you while you're winding down.


"Heavy Knight"
Pvk2 heavyk play.jpg "Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Heavy Knight."
Pvk2 heavyk twosword dmg 1mil.jpg "Amass 1,000,000 points of damage against your enemies using the two-handed sword." the Omnipotent
"Pinned Down"
Pvk2 heavyk block ranged 10k.png "Block 10,000 ranged damage with your shield." the Wicker Man
Pvk2 heavyk assist archer 250x.png "Gain 250 assists in which the killer is an Archer." the Fräulein Escort
"Pris De Fer"
Pvk2 heavyk kill counter 100x.png "Kill 100 enemies using your two-handed sword's parry counter-attacks." the Parry-Whore
"Block N' Poke"
Pvk2 heavyk kill shortsword.jpg "As Heavy Knight, Kill 25 enemies using the sword and shield."
"Coup De Grâce"
Pvk2 heavyk kill debuffed by single maaspecial 4x.png "Kill 4 enemies affected by a single Man-at-Arms special." the Opportunist
"Get To The Choppa"
Pvk2 heavyk kill special 3x.jpg "Kill 3 enemies with a single twirling two-handed sword special." the Ballerina
"Mad Jack Churchill"
Pvk2 heavyk 3sskills 1life.png "Kill 3 sharpshooters in a single life with your two-handed sword." the Mad
"Only Got One Stone"
Pvk2 heavyk twosword 2kills swing.jpg "Kill 2 enemies with a single swing of the two-handed sword." the Resourceful


  • The class is loosely based on the Black Knight (a character from the British comedy film Monty Python and the Holy Grail) performed by John Cleese.
    • A known aspect of the Black Knight in Holy Grail is the fact that the character doesn't give up on a fight, even with all his limbs dismembered. On the Beta 4.0 update, over 11 years since the mod's original release, the Heavy Knight can finally be dismembered, although the class dies when a limb is cut off.
  • A flail was planned to be part of Heavy Knight's arsenal, like his PVK1 counterpart, but the weapon was scrapped during development of the original release and it was replaced by a crossbow. The crossbow was later removed from the Heavy Knight's arsenal by the time the Archer was introduced in PVKII, in the Beta 2.0 update.
  • The mod's Steam store page's banner uses Heavy Knight's old profile picture from the wiki instead of the newer one.


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