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Viking wallpaper

As a Horde

One Viking well-versed in combat is a nuisance, a horde of well-versed Vikings is an unstoppable fighting force. Vikings have a good health/armor pool and can deal consistent damage. In terms of speed, Vikings carrying a full arsenal of weapons may not be able to catch a Skirmisher or Archer, but with shields and thrown weapons, they may never need to. Vikings are able to adapt to the battlefield ahead of them, drawing shields against a ranged attack, throwing spears/axes to soften exposed enemies, or flat-out obliterating enemies with big axes and long spears. To secure victories as a Viking, you must fight like a Viking. Unless you are severely outnumbered, a Viking should show his enemy neither fear nor weakness. In most situations, a retreating Viking is too slow to escape and will not have a seat in Valhalla.

Trinket Wars

When wielding the sacred Mead Horn against weaklings, a Viking team is at its most powerful when together and advancing on an enemy. Enemies trying to take the Horn carrier down will try to figure out which way he's going, and lie in ambush with kegs, crossbows, and special attacks ready. Vikings on the warpath should be able to crush these "smart" enemies before they pose a real threat.


When pillaging gold, Vikings should use their great strength to reach the treasure, take the treasure, and kill anyone who gets in their way. A Viking shield can guard a doorway, allowing teammates to escape with the gold unhindered. When defending, a Viking team should push out of their base and keep their enemies reeling. Only when overwhelmed should Vikings fall back and try to ambush their enemies.

Last Team Standing

When trying to obliterate the other teams, Vikings should waste no time in learning the locations of the other teams. Once learned, the Vikings should corner one team or the other and devastate them before the other team can get too close. If the other team closes in, the Vikings should switch targets while the first team is still reeling.


When trying to pillage territory, Vikings should surrounded attackers and defenders alike, boxing them in and cutting them down before capturing the territory. Vikings territories are defended by intercepting one team's attackers before they reach the territory, then falling back to unleash specials on the other team.