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An experienced combatant with a long pointy spear and a short pointy beard. Don't let the grey hair fool you, this is one tough bastard!

the Gestir


General Info
Also known as Big Chocolate
Introduced in Beta 2.3
Health: 115
Armor: 120
Speed: 210
Damage required for special: 185


Old, Spear-specialized Vikings with a lifetime of experience. They might not have the most health or armor, but that hasn't stopped them yet! Faster than Huscarls, but with a longer range than Berserkers, it's obvious that they could teach a trick or two.

Gestirs can hold their own in melee and at range, poking enemies away with the Spear, and using powerful Javelins to skewer more cowardly enemies. Their greatest advantage is the very long Spear, but their Shield & Langseax can prove useful when their range fails.

Voiced by: Joseph "Bingo Bango" Bracken


Spear Langeseax and Shield Javelins
GestirSpearNew.png GestirSeaxnShieldNew.png GestirJavelinsNew.png
Longest weapon in the game, with moderate damage and a fast charge. Its damage is concentrated in a small area, so remember to aim!

Side jabs are faster than forward stabs, but deal less damage.

Similar to the Huscarl's Sword and Shield, but stronger in offense and weaker in defense. Used mainly for bashing and slicing combos, it's also useful for blocking a few ranged attacks.

The Langeseax was originally a tool used by Vikings around camp, but it proved to be a powerful weapon in battle.

A perfect way to start a battle, or end one; Javelins are some of the most powerful ranged weapons. They only charge with forward movement, so you have to run at your target before throwing it to achieve maximum damage. Gestirs can carry three of these, although they only start with two.
Forward/Backwards Damage: 64 (charged), 47 (not charged) Damage: 65 (charged), 50 (not charged) Damage (far): 95 (charged), 47 (not charged)
Left/Right damage: 48 (charged), 35 (not charged) Shield bash damage: 10 (charged), 5 (not charged) Damage (close): 60 (charged), 25 (not charged)
Special Damage: 25x5 Headshot Damage (far): 140 (charged), 70 (not charged)
Forward Interval: 16 Headshot Damage (close): 80 (charged), 40 (not charged)
String: 13
Special attack: Spear Charge
It only works with the player holding the spear
When your special bar is filled, press the special button to charge forward with the spear, avoiding running into walls, as that will end the charge prematurely.


Pvk2 gestir play.jpg "Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Gestir."
"Pride of Odin"
Pvk2 gestir spear dmg 1mil.jpg "The pointy end goes into the other man." (Amass 1,000,000 points of damage against your enemies using the spear.) The Disciple of Odin
"Retirement Fund"
GestirFund.jpg "Capture 100 chests as a Gestir." the Savvy Investor
"Agrianian Javelineer"
Pvk2 gestir kill 80ft.jpg "Kill an enemy with a javelin from 80ft." the Olympian
GestirSeax.jpg "Kill 50 enemies using your seax and shield." the Dashingly Sexy
"Shish Kebab!"
Pvk2 gestir spearkill parrot.jpg "Kill 15 enemy parrots with the spear." the Feather Gobbler
"I'm Too Old For This"
GestirOld.jpg "Kill 7 enemies with your spear in a single life." the Elder
"Old Age Doesn't Come Alone"
Pvk2 gestir cap with other gestirs.png "Conquer a territory with 4 other Gestirs." the Senior
Pvk2 gestir jav impale5x.jpg "Impale the bodies of 5 enemies to walls using your javelins" the Puppet Master
Pvk2 gestir kill special 3x.jpg "Kill 3 enemies with a single spear charge special."
"Fifty Shades of Gestir"
Pvk2 gestir use all weapons.png "As a Gestir, kill a single enemy by using all of your weapons on them." the Fetishist


  • A Google search will reveal that "Gestir" means "Guest". The PVKII Developer team contends that it means "Badass".
  • The Gestir is the only class to not sing a jaunty tune when carrying a chest and using the "Encourage" voice command. An alternative is the "I have the Gold!" command.
  • Despite his old look, very few vikings could reach their fiftieth anniversary. Gestir's appearance is far from being inaccurate, though, because for many centuries up until recent times people of various ethicities aged faster than today, and as a result the average life expectancy was much lower.


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