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The Berserker

Berserker Viking

General Info
Introduced in Beta 1.0
Health: 155
Armor: 100
Speed: 235
Damage required for special: 190

Berserkers are legendary Norse warriors known for their ferocity in battle and ability to go into an extreme state of rage. Some say they eat mushrooms to induce this rage. Others say they have a special spiritual bond with the gods, who grant them this gift. We, however, say they just get really pissed off.


Probably a distant ancestor of Chuck Norris; they have exceptional health, but because of their huge manly muscles are unable to wear any armor. If you're not on their side, their howling battle-cries will be the last thing you hear.

These madmen can surpass any and all challengers in a melee fight; with a powerful axe and furiously high speed, they dominate the battlefield. Although they have no shield or ranged weapons, their sword & axe combo usually butchers ranged classes into bite-size pieces.

Voiced by: Bryn 'TheForgotton' Schurman


Big Axe Sword and Axe Combo
BerserkerBigAxe.png BerserkerAxeSword.png
Berserker's Big axe. Like the man himself it's big and powerful, but charging takes some time. With its two-handed weapon status, you can take on entire armies. Enemies will fall before you can say "I'll see you in Valhalla!" and if you use it well, you certainly will! Berserker's dual-wielded weapons, usually referred to as the "lawnmower" although "meat grinder" is also acceptable. They are not that powerful, but the Berserker's maddened flailing makes up for that. Although they can be blocked pretty easily if you only attack with the forward direction, swaying from side to side or using the backwards charged attack can make blocking the 'lawnmower' a fatally difficult task. In the hands of experienced Berserkers they quickly get bloody, and tend to stay that way.
Damage: 75 (charged), 55 (not charged) Damage: 50 (charged), 25 (not charged)
Damage (special): 120 (charged), 90 (not charged) Damage (special): 55 (charged), 30 (not charged)
Intervale entre 2 attaques: 23
String: 13
Special attack: Berserk
Berserker's special used to be abnormal, as it was the only one not tied to any weapon. When your special meter is full, press the special button to enter an enraged state where your health, speed and strength rise dramatically. Watch out for the end of the special because all your boosts disappear and the health granted is taken back.


Pvk2 zerker play.jpg "Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Berserker"
Pvk2 zerker diefrom rage.jpg "Died from Berserker rage" The Weakling
"Chop Chop"
Pvk2 zerker kill bigaxe200x.jpg "Kill 200 enemies using the big axe" The Butcher
Pvk2 zerker kill axemower100x.jpg "Mow down 100 enemies with the axe/sword combo"
"Iron Clad Axemower"
Pvk2 zerker chop dmg 100k.jpg "Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using the axe/sword combo"
"Angry Bare Shirt"
Pvk2 zerker kill special 3x.jpg "Kill 3 enemies with a single berserk special"
"Meat Carver"
Meat Carver.png "Kill an enemy of each class using your axe/sword combo in a single life" The Carver


  • The Berserker was the first and so far the only class with gibbed body parts, such as a severed head and dismembered limbs. Dismemberments and gibs were fully implemented in the Beta 4.0 update, several years after the models were released to the public, presumably by accident.
  • In early versions of the mod, the Berseker's hair used to be brown until it was updated with a brighter and more vivid color tone. However, artwork with the brown beard is still used on the mod's website.
  • Berserker's hands in first-person look very different to the third-person hands. That's because the first-person model of the Berserker is the one used on the early versions of the mod, possibly being dated as far back as Beta 1.0, while the current world model was reworked sometime after the Beta 2.0 update, including the aforementioned updated textures, such as brighter hair color and a slightly more tan skin;
  • The mod's Steam store page's banner shows a different version of his profile picture;
  • jRocket was successful at importing the Berserker into Unreal Engine (presumably 4) and claims that the model looks particularly good despite its age.[1][2]


  • Concept art from the Berserker made by Hengishammer from the PVKII Developer team
  • The brown-bearded Berserker seen in the "We Want You" promotional image.

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