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The Word The Description
Dinah This is the PVKII equivalent of a n00b. Dinahs tend to end up as dinner for the PVKII veterans.
iGrail The newer version of Holy Grail, soon to be released. Which holds the name of Trinket Wars
Grail carrier The person who holds the Holy Grail.
LTS Short for Last Team Standing
Keg Short for the Skirmisher's Powderkeg
Keg Whore A Skirmisher who always uses his explosive keg especially in areas concentrated with players.
Keg Spamming Occurs when many of the Pirates use the Skirmisher class and excessively throw their kegs. Oftentimes keg spamming occurs on small maps.
Parry Whore A term now relatively unused but during beta 2.2 players could “perfect parry” their opponent and stun them for a few seconds leaving them vulnerable and easy to kill. Parry whores would abuse the parrying system and easily kill their opponents.
PP Short for Perfect Parry
Parrying Also known as Blocking
Kiting Fleeing from close combat in order to use a ranged weapon such as the Skirmisher's flintlock or the Archer's longbow. Classes with low health and armor tend to use this style of combat to avoid becoming Berserker food.
Skirm(y) Short for Skirmisher
HK or Heavy Short for Heavy Knight
Zerker/Dog(gy) Short for Berserker
Husky Short for Huscarl
SS Short for Sharpshooter
Pokey-Pokey Nickname for the Gestir
Butter Knife Nickname for the Archer's shortsword. The name refers to the weakness of this sword.
Lawnmower Nickname for the Sword & Axe combo.
Letter Opener Nickname for the Sharpshooter's Fancy Dagger
Claymore One of the HK's Two-Handed sword's many names.
Deathmatching People who are only interested in killing each other, and completely ignoring the map's Objective.
Mutated Walrus Hamsters These creatures are mentioned in the FAQ. This team has the highest chance of being implemented into the game.
Ragnarok is a pony! A deliberate misspelling of the Viking taunt “Ragnarok is upon you!”.
Odin's pizza place! A deliberate misspelling of the Viking taunt “Odin bids us pace.”.