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The Sharpshooter

Also known as: Sniper Pirate

General Info
Introduced in Beta 2.5
Health: 100
Armor: 80
Speed: 210
Damage required for special: 165

The pirate marksman with a steady aim and sharp eyes, regardless if he is drunk or sober. Do not fall into his line of sight or he'll blow your head off with his rifle!


Lurking in the shadows and killing from a distance, the Sharpshooter is the Pirates' sniper. A gentleman of refined taste; he's almost as skilled at sharpshooting as he is at charming the ladies.

His long-distance Rifle and medium-range Pistol are capable of sending the mightiest of warriors to their graves, but up close, his butter-knife of a dagger will tickle rather than torment.

Voiced by: Micah 'PJ' Blakeslee



Fancy Dagger

Flintlock Pistol

Long Rifle

Xdagger.png.pagespeed.ic.aY9 Wws2Lm.png Sspistol.png Ssrifle.png

A capable back-scratcher or fancy letter-opener that occasionally sees use as a lightning-quick weapon. Enemies may snicker at this knife's puny size, but the sharp blade will ensure that the Sharpshooter has the last laugh. It is weak but fast, with its attacks delivered in a combination of stabbing and slashing.

A classy weapon for a classy man. Embossed with a golden motif and packing a fierce punch, it cripples the competition with style and grace. For those shots that require a marksman's accuracy, be sure to aim down the barrel and breathe steadily. This flintlock is slightly more accurate than the Skirmisher's, but it has to be reloaded after every shot.

Your enemies may propose that you are compensating for something, but in half a second they'll be a splatter of brain matter on the walls. There's nothing quite like taunting your enemies from a hundred yards away. The Rifle's range is long, but its bullets won't cover it instantly. Depending on how far the enemy is, you may have to lead them a bit. The Sharpshooter can aim the rifle on his shoulder, allowing for a significantly more accurate shot. Leading the enemy will still be necessary, though.


45 (charged), 24 (not charged)







Headshot Damage








Special attack: Powder grenade

This special can be used while holding all weapons

When your special bar is full, press the special button to ready your horn full of gunpowder, strike a match, and drop it inside. You'll have several seconds to throw the improvised grenade at your opponents, exploding on impact, blinding enemies, and sending them flying. Throw it quickly, or you're likely to find yourself in pieces.


SSPlayRound.jpg "Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Sharpshooter."
"Age Of Gunpowder"
SSGunpowder.jpg "Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using your artisan pistol."
"Sniper Elite"
SSElite.jpg "Kill an enemy with the rifle from 110 ft." "the Marksman"
"Head Hunter"
SSHunter.jpg "Perform 50 headshots with the rifle." "the Head Hunter"
"Ringing Bells"
SSBells.jpg "Perform 10 headshots from within 10 ft with the rifle on Heavy Knights." "the Altar Boy"
SSGunslinger.jpg "Kill 5 enemies with your rifle or artisan pistol in a single life." "the Jäger"
"Billy The Kid"
SSBilly.jpg "Kill 3 enemies with the rifle or artisan pistol within 10 seconds." "the Quickdraw"
"Powder Party"
SSParty.jpg "Kill 2 enemies with a single rifle special."
"Boom, Headshot!"
SSHS.jpg "Kill an enemy with a headshot from your rifle."
"El Lobizon"
SSLobizon.jpg "Kill an enraged berserker with your artisan pistol." "the Lobotomist"
"War Has Changed"
Pvk2 sharpshoot dominate archer.png "Dominate an enemy Archer." "the Master"


  • The final model has several differences from the concept art, including the lack of a hat, a different wardrobe, and a change of facial hair. While the Sharpshooter was in development, the team decided that to work on classes with headgear such as helmets and hats, a separate model of it had to be made. The first class to get their headgear built separately was the Man-at-Arms, released two years after the Sharpshooter update.
  • Sharpshooter's resemblance with mexican actor Danny Trejo makes it more obvious with one of his taunts: "I am closeness with Danny Trejo. Don't f**k with me." The taunt is also the only one said by all released classes with a swear word.
  • The Sharpshooter's model has very limited facial movement. When opened in programs like Faceposer or Source Filmmaker, only the eye and the eyelids can be posed while everything else is untouchable. It is unknown if the model will ever get updated, but it hints that the character has a silent personality, therefore making his facial rigging as simple as the Heavy Knight's. Ironically, a good chunk of the Sharpshooter's voice lines were recorded with a loud tone.
  • Micah Blackslee, as his alias PJIII on the official forums, recorded a voice-over of the infamous fan fiction, Fifty Shades of Axe by forum member Turdsack[1], using his Sharpshooter voice to narrate the story, and the sound file was shared. For nearly two years, PJIII's post was the most popular in the forum's history.[2]
  • The Sharpshooter and Archer are the only characters to not draw their primary weapon (the dagger and short-sword, respectively) on respawn. Instead he draws the Artisan Pistol, which holds the second weapon slot.
  • The Sharpshooter, the Man-at-Arms and the Berserker are the only classes who can use all weapons to activate their special attacks;


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