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Truly the most feared among the knights, the Man-at-Arms is a frenchman who is versatile in the battlefield and comes with a wide array of insulting taunts.

the Man-at-Arms


General Info
Also known as Funny Le-Pepe
Introduced in Beta 3.0
Health: 105
Armor: 130
Speed: 225, 270 (special)
Damage required for special: 210


A pantsless Frenchman who's as skilled with his Halberd as he is with his tear-inducing taunts. You'll be running for your mommy when his crossbow finishes you off, assuming you still have legs to run with after he's broken your knees with his mace.

Voiced by Weaver


Halberd Mace and Buckler Crossbow
Halberdmaa.png Macebucklermaa.png Crossbowmaa.png
The Man-at-Arm's long pole comes equipped with a dangerously sharp metal head, which is very effective at turning opponents into flower food. His buckler may be small, but his mace can deal painfully heavy blows. The buckler provides just enough defense to close the gap on those annoying ranged opponents. Very similar to the Gestir's Shield and Langseax. This crossbow is quicker than the Archer's, but is also less powerful. That won't matter, because the Man-at-Arms prefers his battles up close and personal. The crossbow is mainly for picking off those enemies who would rather run than finish a good melee fight.
Forward Damage: 69 (charged), 58 (not charged) Damage: 60 (charged), 40 (not charged) Damage (unaimed): 55 (far), 30 (close)
Left/Right Damage: 62 (charged), 51 (not charged) Shield Bash Damage: 10 (charged), 5 (not charged) Damage (aimed): 77 (far), 40 (close)
Backward Damage: 63 (charged), 52 (not charged) Headshot Damage (unaimed): 85 (far), 50 (close)
Headshot Damage (aimed): 105 (far), 70 (close)
Special attack: Fart Cloud
When your special meter is filled, remember your training and let the gas free. This green mist is known to choke enemies to death, while also giving the Man-at-Arms a boost in speed and damage. It's as though the smell of his own farts invigorates this smug fool! The Man-at-Arms can easily lock-down an area with this stinky cloud, but the speed boost also makes it easier to run to or from a battle.
Speed Boost: +45
Special Duration: 5 seconds
Fart cloud lifetime: 3 seconds
Enemy player symptoms: 120% incoming damage and unable to perform perfect parries


MAAPlayRound.jpg "Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Man-at-Arms."
"Parisian Harvest"
MAAHarvest.jpg "Amass 1,000,000 points of damage against your enemies using your halberd." the Paramour of France
"Feel My Shaft Within"
MAAWithin.jpg "Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using your halberd." the Shaft
"Meat Tenderizer"
MAATenderizer.jpg "Kill 100 enemies using your mace." the Tender Lily
"The One Who Knocks"
MAAKnocks.jpg "Stun 100 enemies with the buckler." the Stunner
"Le Lapin Sauté"
MAALapin.jpg "As a Man-at-Arms, kill 100 enemies whilst jumping in air." the Chaud Lapin
"French Kiss"
MAAKiss.jpg "Headshot 50 enemies with the crossbow." the French Kisser
"French Submarine"
MAASubmarine.jpg "As a Man-at-Arms, kill 50 enemies while swimming." the Bubble Maker
"Grim Reaper"
MAAReaper.jpg "Kill 10 enemies in a single life as a Man-at-Arms." the Executioner
"Omlette Au Perroquet"
MAAOmlette.jpg "Bash 10 parrots with your shield as a Man-at-Arms." the Scrambler
"Doeth Thou Scoff Verily?"
MAAScoff.jpg "Directly taunt every enemy class." the Outrageous Orator
MAAMacetro.jpg "Kill 4 enemies in a single life with your mace and buckler." the Performer
"Monsieur Limbhurt"
MAALimbhurt.jpg "Kill 3 enemies with the halberd while About to be Pushing up the Daisies." the Enfeebled
"Frenchy Wenchy"
MAAWenchy.jpg "Kill 3 players with your crossbow in a single round." the Annoyance
MAAVariety.jpg "As a Man-at-Arms, kill with each of your weapons in a single life." the Snake Oil Salesman
"Mind Your Own Business"
MAABusiness.jpg "Kill 2 enemies with a single fart special."
"Sacre Blur!"
MAABlur.jpg "Kill an enemy while blinded." the Impairer
Pvk2 maa weewee.png "Oh, wee wee!" the Watersport Expert


  • The Man-at-Arms' voice actor Weaver, and Bingo Bango, who voices the Archer, the Skirmisher and the Gestir, are real life friends. It's likely that Bingo introduced Weaver to the PVKII Team at the time the class was in development.
  • The Man-at-Arms, like the Heavy Knight, is loosely based on a character from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, specifically the French Taunter. Like the Black Knight (the Heavy Knight's influence) he's also performed by John Cleese. Many of MaA's taunts were taken from this character.
  • Also like the Heavy Knight, the Man-at-Arms was planned to have a flail like his PVK1 counterpart, but it was ultimately replaced by the mace, which was his primary weapon in the original mod while the halberd replaces its slot in PVKII.
  • The PVK1 mace lacked the buckler, which was added in PVKII for the sake of giving a bashing and parrying ability to the Man-at-Arms.
  • The Man-at-Arms is the first and so far the only class in the mod to have a unique model for its headgear. Because of this, there's a bug where sometimes the hat is completely missing. There are also many occasions where an Archer respawns with MaA's hat.


  • Concept art of the Man-at-Arms made by Hengishammer from the PVKII Developer team
  • Mace Render
  • Halberd Render

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