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The Ninja in the corner of the prison
  • ...there is an actual Ninja in-game? In Temple there is a prison near the moving walls, and food trap. There are two cells, one is open, and in the other lies a presumably dead Ninja. The mapper probably did this to troll the public. Because the suggestion of adding Ninjas or other similar Asian warriors in the game is being brought up a lot by Dinahs (with great annoyance of the established forums members). With each time the same answer: NO!.
  • ...the Holy Grail gamemode will be changed by the Team? The gamemode does not workout as the team wanted, people tend to just deathmatch instead of going for the objective. People refer to the upcomming changes as iGrail.
  • ...there are secret achievements in the game? When you are in-game or on Steam you'll see that you can acquire 103 achievements. But when you want to look them all up under the drop-down-option All, there are only 97 achievements! You are unable to see locked secret achievements, once you unlock them you will be able to see them. NOTE: If you have a higher number than 97 in the All drop-down-option it means that you already unlocked some of the secret achievements.
  • ...there is a secret room in Island? The secret room contains a portal to Hubb Jubb, a Knight flag and an invisible walkway. As for how to get there, you'll have to find out yourself. Ancient forums members say there is a second secret room, they might be trolling. You'll never be sure of it. Just remember: “X marks the spot”
  • ...you can escape the food-wall-trap on Temple? There is a trap where the corner of a wall moves, and kills any player in touch. This happens by pulling a nearby switch. You can survive this by running against the right side of the corner while the switch is being pulled. Note: Doesn't work all the time.
The credits of Temple
  • ...there are secret credits with sounds in Temple? There is a room with giant pillars and one armor pickup. It has upper and lower levels, and in the upper level, there is a walkable platform by the wall. Walk it into the corner of the room, and you'll see map credits and a picture of Christopher Walken. By pressing the “use”-key on Christopher Walken, you activate sounds in the map. You'll now hear some sounds, like “I gotta have more cowbell!” and “I put my pants on like the rest of you, one leg at the time.”
  • ...you can make keg kills not count in Holy Grail? In Frostbite, if you play as the pirate team, and you carry the Holy Grail, sometimes a bug happens. When you light the keg with 2 (sometimes 3) kills remaining on the Holy Grail counter, and you kill more than 4 people with the keg, the Holy Grail counter doesn't count them. The kills still count towards “Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch” and “Keg Whore” achievements. This doesn't work all the time, and it is currently unknown how it works correctly.
  • ...you can get out of the little lake beneath the bridge on Island? If you fall from the bridge near the Knight castle on the Pirate/Knight path, you'll land on a small lake. There is a cave that leads to a room, that seems locked and can only be opened from the other side. Less is true, in the right wall of that room, there is a tile sticking out. The closed door opens by pressing the “use”-key on it.
  • ...on the old menu background of the mod there was a written log about the game's history? The captain's log explains how these teams found themselves in the same timespan. You can read the captain's log in the History section
  • ...you can still hit an blocking enemy on his back and sides? A blocking opponent will only be able to defend incoming blows from the front. If you hit him in the back or sides, the blocking motion will not deflect anything.
  • ...the longbow is the only starter weapon which isn't aligned first in the weapon switch menu? Every other class has his primary weapon of use on the first weaponslot, the archer's longbow however is his primary weapon and on the third weaponslot.
  • ...it's possible to kill an Archer from full health with a keg, or with a Captain's special? You'll have to bring the Archer in the air, so it dies from fall damage.
  • ...you can not duplicate the 360 spin by giving a 360 spin and a sideways attack? When you swing the two-handed sword sideways, the arc of the sword starts at your shoulder, has a brief moment at full length, and finally ends at your hip pointing at the ground.
  • ...the achievement “Capitalism” originally also was meant for Pinegrove? In the gamefiles, the name of the achievement picture of Capitalism is called “Pvk2 forgpine all chest win”.
  • ...the achievements “I'm Invincible” and “I Shall Feast On Your Bones!”originally had a different standard? The name of the pictures of the achievements are “Pvk2_20kills_1life” and “Pvk2_30kills_1life”.
  • ...there is a scrapped achievement? This achievement was a grind achievement, you can tell it from the name of the picture of the achievement: “Pvk2 kill chestcarrier 500x”. You had to kill 500 cheststealers in order to obtain it. And that is probably why the Team scrapped this achievement.
  • ...the Heavy Knight was or still is supposed to get a deadly flail? The Devs didn't mention the flail in any news or post in the last years.
    Will it ever get implemented?
  • ...the Heavy Knight had a crossbow? The HK had a crossbow when the mod only had one class per team. When the Archer was added, he got the crossbow and the HK lost his own.
  • ...there are bottles and crates of RootJack scattered all over the maps, which is actually an actual orange flavored Root Beer drink.


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